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Tome, Tom Arch, Tomorrow's Architect
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unite to repair the past in the present or there will be no future.

December 2008
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Tome, Tom Arch, Tomorrow's Architect [userpic]
Change of Pace

He drove toward the location, along the foreign road that was now his home. There was something familiar about the sea, something that had called to him for years persistently. He was not precisely home, but he was close enough. Ocean instead of Gulf, sand instead of marshes, but this place felt closer to home than the rooftops of the world ever did.

The Aston Martin rounded the sharp turn easily as Tome mused. An island estate? Noxes laughed it off as the cabal becoming Bond villains, but he did not object too strenuously; after all, school could continue anywhere, but being closer to the rest of the cabal was an irreplacable opportunity. As few Libertines as there were here, there were at least more in the neighboring Consilium; Gypsy was evidence enough of that truth. Better a couple than none, as he told Noxes...and maybe, just maybe, there would be opportunity at the door.

Three cabals, once more...but these had a more vested interest in their Lex. Indeed, some of them were downright anal about its interpretation, making their stabs at personal agenda almost...vulgar. A Lex was supposed to be about community, the good of all, but these Guardians were overtly and unabashedly selfish. What's worse, they felt entitlement over the other orders and cabals in a way that simply should not be laid bare in such a state.

And yet? Despite the strange difficulties and resistance, it was infinitely preferable to being ignored in Denver. Long hours waiting for the warriors and scholars to return, months of work disregarded just because the donation to the consilium had not been offered by the two more popular and populous local cabals. While service should have been enough, the feeling of negligence by the rest of the Denver Advocacy gnawed at him. A simple "thank you" could have sufficed, but even communication was not appreciated. Would they even know Noxes and I left if we didn't tell them? Tome half-joked to himself, immediately wincing at the sinking feeling that it was not as funny as it should have been.

The Builder was finally building a home. The Consistory was finally about to spread its wings and truly take flight.

The pace had changed...and the tempo increased in speed.

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muse: I Alone, by Live

omg, it's a Tome post! :)

It's teh truth! I have been suitably inspired.

Wow... TOME post!!

*grins* I was starting to wonder if I'd ever come back to this or not.