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Tome, Tom Arch, Tomorrow's Architect
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unite to repair the past in the present or there will be no future.

December 2008
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Tome, Tom Arch, Tomorrow's Architect [userpic]
Excerpt: Hubris

Diary, 11/20/08:

Wisdom. Hubris. Downfall.

I see these words bandied about constantly, on the lists, in consilii across the world, in individual exchanges between mages. One would think the word had lost all meaning, with the way so many overuse it.

An entire order of the Pentacle is reviled for so often eschewing the Path of Wisdom. Were I to defend them openly, I would be seen as unWise myself. It has become a bitter popularity game, taking the "fun" out of politics that I once enjoyed when I, too, was less Wise...or so Jou tells me.

Hubris is a tricky word. So many exercise it while still purporting to be "Wise" ones. I've caught myself recently feeling the slant in multiple consilii against those who would place cause above consequence, results above the cost, ends before the means...and I wonder what happened. How long ago did the Visus Draconis lose their war? Why is it that so many of the most righteous people are either just naive or self-righteous? Why is Wisdom seen as the only way?

I am a member of the Vox Draconis. As such, I keep in mind, not what is, but what could be. I have to have the vision to include all Orders, to include multiple ways of thinking. The other Orders watch the world and greedily clutch to narrow slivers of view, often to the expense of the other Orders. I cannot do that. Unlike the others, my vision of the future, my hopes include them. Hope is the prelude to Will. Will is the fuel to the fires of Creation.

I cannot give up hope for world like so many of the Ladder and the Guardians have. My Will is my Way, but certainly not the only way...and I must make allowance to appreciate the myriad of paths one's soul can take through the cosmos.

I cannot, will not, forsake those who are not like me.

effect: contemplativecontemplative
muse: the waves of the ocean

See, I think you'd have really liked ICC... it addressed the heart of issues like those.

I know, it sounded like it would have been awesome.

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